Steffon Liford, Owner, Loving Touch Transportation

Dear Friend & Fellow Entrepreneur,

I'm very pleased to announce my one and only West Coast Seminar of
2012! Join me at the San Jose Airport Garden Hotel on the evening of March 30th for our Meet & Greet Networking Social and Saturday, March 31st for my Million Dollar Medical Transportation Seminar.

If you're on the West Coast and you've always used distance as an excuse of why you haven't been able to attend one of my previous Medical Transportation Seminars, well, you just ran out of excuses!

Let's be realistic. For as long as we live in a civilized society, the need for transportation is only going to increase. It's never going away, especially with the growing elderly population! However, there are definite shifts, changes, and in some areas, deregulation taking place in the non-emergency medical transportation industry. And yes, what you don't know can hurt you! All of these shifts and changes very much affect how you do business and your level of profits!

Bottom line, if you're serious about being successful in the NEMT industry, if you're interested in diversifying and expanding your business into new venues, if you're interested in being profitable in a struggling economy, then you need to be in attendance!


For as long as we live in civilized society with a growing population, the demand for transportation is NEVER going to go away. In fact, it's only going to increase!

However, our industry is experiencing various shifts and changes; some beneficial and others a challenge.

What's causing such change and how is it going to affect your business?

How do you build and grow your business so that you remain profitable in a troubled economy?

How do you diversify your business to ensure long-term growth and prosperity?

How do you build your business to ensure stability and profitability?

How do you increase the net worth of your business so that it becomes a valuable asset that, one day, you can sell for profit?

Join me in San Jose for my only West Coast Seminar of 2012 and discover how to take your business to a new level!

Meet, greet, network and learn from other like-minded entrepreneurs!

Rather than ask yourself how you can afford to come, ask yourself how you can afford NOT to come!

But rather than me waste your time sharing with you the value of these events, listen to what previous attendees are saying about their experiences at last year's Seminar:

If you understand the importance of continued education and business development and you value sharing and connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs, then you need to attend this West Coast Million Dollar Medical Transportation Seminar!

Who: You, me, and a room full of other like-minded and motivated entrepreneurs!

If you have a business partner, bring him or her! In fact, if you're partnering with someone, you absolutely NEED to bring them! They need to hear and understand this knowledge and what's happening in the NEMT industry!

Bring your spouse and/or business partner(s) to receive a discount in admission.

What: Joel's one and ONLY West Coast Million Dollar Medical Transportation Seminar

When: March 30th - Friday Night Meet & Greet Social March 31st - All day Million Dollar Medical Transportation Seminar

San Jose Airport Garden Hotel
1740 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95112
Telephone: (408) 793-3300

After making your reservations for the Million Dollar Medical Transportation Seminar, contact the San Jose Airport Garden Hotel and reserve your rooms for Friday and Saturday nights. We have negotiated room rates of ONLY $69 per night!

Make sure when you contact the Garden Hotel you specify you are with the Million Dollar Medical Transportation Seminar to ensure that you receive the discounted room rate!

Why: Because it's time for you to invest in YOU! Others are prospering in this down economy, so why not you?

Time: Friday Night's Meet & Greet Social will start at approximately 8:00 PM Saturday's Seminar will start at 9:30 AM

Cost: Reservations made on before March 4th

One Attendee - $1,000

Two Attendees - $1,800 (Save $200)

Three Attendees - $2,600 (Save $400)

Four Attendees - $3,400 (Save $600)

Choose the Number of Attendees and Click Below to Process Your Reservation

What's Included:

With advanced reservations, transportation to and from the San Jose Airport will be provided by the San Jose Garden Hotel. This is a free shuttle service provided by the Garden Hotel.

Appetizers during Friday Night's Meet & Greet Social will be provided

Lunch & Dinner on Saturday, March 31st will be provided. Lunch menu will be Chicken Roulade and Dinner will be Fillet Mignon

Note: The Million Dollar Medical Transportation Seminar will be an all day event! There will be a morning, afternoon, and evening sessions that include intense instructions! So come with a clear mind and be prepared for a full day of learning and networking! Reservations for the Seminar should be made as soon as possible to guarantee availability as seating is limited. Further requests for cancellations and/or refunds need to be received no later than February 29th. No Seminar refunds will be issues after February 29, 2012.

Choose amount of people attending and click "Sign Me Up"


See you at the Top!
Joel E. Davis